Islam Q & A

Introduction – Johnny meets The Janissary

1 – What is Islam and whats so special about it when compared to other faiths?

2 – Who is your God – the God of Islam – Allah?

3 – How can you be so sure that God exists?

4 – How can your belief in God stand up against the theory of evolution?

5 – Why would you think God is Merciful in spite of all the suffering we see around us?

6 – Why do you worship God and how do you worship Him?

7 – How does Islam explain the problem of evil?

8 – Are Islamic teachings compatible with Modern Science?

9 – Are there any prophesies mentioned in Muslim Scripture?

10 – Why is Islam so opposed to idolatry?

11 – Why are images of living beings that are not even idols prohibited?

12 – What’s so important about the mission of the Prophets?

13 – How can you be sure that Muhammad is the Prophet of God and not an impostor?

14 – Prophet Muhammad is a Prophet you say, so what are the prophecies he predicted?

15 – Why didn’t your Prophet perform miracles to prove his mission the way Jesus did?

16 – Why do you love your Prophet so?

17 – How does Islam look at Jesus and Christianity in general?

18 – Why don’t Muslims believe that Jesus is the Son of God and in the Trinity?

19 – Why don’t Muslims believe that Jesus was crucified and that he sacrificed himself to save humanity?

20 – Despite all this, Muslims are supposed to be the closest to the Christians, how come?

21 – So why this antipathy of Muslims towards the Jews?

22 – You believe in Angels, so what’s the evidence they exist?

23 – How do you know there’s going to be a Resurrection?

24 – Why is there a hell and heaven in Islam?

25 – Islam seems to hold a strong view on predestination. How about free will?

26 – How can you say that Jinns exist?

27 – What does Islam have to say about superstitions?

28 – How does Islam ensure happiness?

29 – Why do Muslims fast for an entire month?

30 – Why an alms tax and what kind of relief does it provide the poor?

31 – Does Islam preach the equality of mankind?

32 – What are the rights Islam gives to women?

33 – Isn’t the Islamic dress code too rigid?

34 – Aren’t Islamic dietary laws too strict?

35 – Aren’t Islamic punishments too harsh?

36 – Why are Muslims so scrupulous about cleanliness?

37 – Does Islam tolerate religious minorities?

38 – What does Islam teach about animal rights?

39 – Does Islam care for the environment?

40 – What has Islam contributed to the development of science?


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    Dr.Husam Taglow- Compiler of Muhammad Pocket Guide

    Dear Brother Assif
    This is really great achievement. What a great and modern approached site!! All topics I came across are contemporary, well done.

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    Tuan F.Latiff- Deputy Chairman (Education) - Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam

    Fantastic articles, you would have taken enormous time to compile all the materials… Well done.

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    Izeth Hussain, Diplomat and Columnist

    There is a sore need for a proper understanding of Islam, both among non-Muslims and also Muslims. Asiff is well-fitted to promote an important measure of understanding about Islam.

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    Farman Nizar, Manager

    Masha Allah Asiff, this is such a wonderful piece of work, i would be honoured to have some of your best publications on Islam.

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    Nida Khan, developer of Islamic Finance Education App

    Well researched articles. Provide clear and concise information on the topics covered. Satisfy a very big need in today’s times where a lot of confusion prevails regarding Islam. Exemplary effort to propagate a proper understanding of the religion. Must read by all, especially the youth

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