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The Bohras – Plucky Business Barons

Asiff Hussein 1 February 2018 The Bohras are hard to miss: the men are unmistakable in their snow-white robes, luxuriant beards, and caps of gold lace, and the women in their dainty dresses of pastel hue. The Bohras stand out everywhere, but not just because of their appearance. They have …

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Parsis Of Sri Lanka: Denizens From A Land Far Away

Asiff Hussein 16 August 2017 The Parsis of Sri Lanka are an intriguing community. They are very small; so small that you can count their families—the Billimorias, Captains, Choksys, Pestonjees, and Jillas—with your fingers. There are only around 40 Parsis in Sri Lanka at present. At no time during their …

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7 Exotic Items Of Clothing We Adopted As Our Own

Asiff Hussein   25 September 2017 Clothing, influenced by fashion trends, has been fickle in many cultures, liberally undergoing changes over time.  This is more so today than ever before. Fashion changes—although admittedly not as frenzied as today—also took place in the olden days, so much so that one can easily …

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