Forty Nights with Johnny & the Janissary by Asiff Hussein

Forty Nights with Johnny & the Janissary by Asiff Hussein

Forty Nights with Johnny & the Janissary answers all the important questions about Islam in the form of forty Q & A’s between the two protagonists, Johnny, a young seeker from the West and Ahmed, a wise old man popularly known as the Janissary.

The work starts with answering the basic questions about Islam such as Who is God? How do we know He exists? Why do we believe He created us rather than in the theory of evolution? Why did He send the Prophets? Why did He create the angels? Why a Day of Judgement and why heaven and hell?

 It also answers more difficult questions such as why evil exists, freewill and predestination and why we think that God is merciful in spite of all the suffering we see around us. It then proceeds to answer the more pressing questions of our day such as what Islam has to say about tolerance and co-existence, equality of man, rights of women, kindness to animals, rule of law and punishment, respect for the environment and scientific progress.

It answers them all in a narrative, reader-friendly style to show that Islam is not what it is commonly portrayed to be, that it is really a dynamic, egalitarian, peace-loving faith that respects the rights of all, including those of other faiths and that it offers humanity the solution to all the problems we face today by bringing us closer to God and to our own selves.

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