A Walk Down Memory Lane

(Based on the Book Accha House & Umma House by Asiff Hussein and Illustrated with photographs of people, places and a plethora of other things that were part and parcel of those great times) PART 1 -HOME & FAMILYPart II – HOLIDAYS AND HOLY DAYSPart III – BUSINESS AS USUALPart IV …

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Why do Muslims fast for an entire month?

Fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan is incumbent on every Muslim man and woman,  meaning every male and female who has reached the age of puberty. The fast involves keeping away from food, drink and sexual relations from dawn to dusk during the entire lunar month of Ramaḍan.  All …

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How does Islam ensure happiness?

Islam ensures happiness in many ways. It ensures happiness through its stress on submitting to the Will of the One True God, through its call to be thankful to the Creator for all those countless little mercies He has given us, through the middle path it tells us to take …

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